Shakespeare Montage

WEBSITE RENOVATION. I have renovated my website as of August 2017. Over the years I had added and deleted things without updating the various indexes. Several people told me that some of my links were broken. That kind of thing is embarrassing. Frankly, the website had become a mess that I did not even want to think about. However, I finally got around to fixing things.

The renovation is not entirely complete, but the pages that are here now are functional. The renovation will continue. Right now the website does not have all the items that were previously available. Why? Because some articles need revision, and it takes time to make the changes — more time, really, than I want to devote to making them, because it seems that all I have done for the last few weeks is tinker with this home page. I code everything manually, and HTML code has changed enormously in the twenty years that I have been working with it. Nonetheless, I will soon restore some of the old things, and I will definitely add new things over time, too.

QUOTATION MARKS: Yes, I know the American editorial standard for quotation marks. I have taught that standard, and I have used it as an editor. I also know that the standard is really screwed up in how it handles quotation marks in relation to other punctuation marks. For various reasons I have opted to use one of the many European systems for quotations. You will see some words, phrases, and quotes enclosed in either ‹single› or «double» angle quotes.

PENDING: I will post some poems soon, and I will be developing other articles and works for posting here. I feel a need to get this renovated website up, even if it is not complete. So please pardon the skimpy content that is here now. Things will improve. I am really hoping to make this website something nice.


I do not have a complete biography here, but if you want some scattered facts, along with some pictures, check this out.



Articles for download are arranged by subject categories, each of which links to its own index. I will add other categories in the future.


I have some public-domain or otherwise legal fonts for download. I also have an article that I wrote a number of years ago (and recently revised) on the Courier font.

Articles are available on several knotty issues, including:
  • The proper use of present participles in phrases.
  • The use of ellipsis dots in screenplays and other dramatic works.

Check out my QuickStart guide for how to install and use the Fade In screenwriting software. I also have a downloadable template for Fade In and Final Draft.

Updated on 2017.08.07.